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TOURS 2020

Slovenia // Venice // Croatia




2020 dates coming soon



2020 dates coming soon



2020 dates coming soon

Phototours in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia
Phototours in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia
Phototours in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia

Seeing yourself exploring nature wanders of Slovenia with a camera? Slovenian nature wonders are waiting to be explored capturing their secret in astonishing photos you can make on a trip with Luka.  Skyscraping mountains, green lakes and rivers, colorful country sides and magical forests are just the sneak peak of the amazing beauties you will be shooting on this unforgettable photo tour.

Enchanted both by nature and by people you meet? Amazing opportunity to capture beauty of Slovenia on a photo tour that will reveal it’s nature pearls as well as it’s city life. Skyscraping mountains or city skyscrapers, green rivers or city parks, colorful country sides or marketplaces, magical forests or moments of urban life are a part of unforgettable journey you will see through your lenses. 

Are you dazzled by life’s wonders? Want to explore it all and capture the amazing sites of Mediterranean for eternity? Experience the essence of the cities and embrace the nature gems of Slovenia, Italy and Croatia with your camera. Make a colorful circle in your photo portfolio and learn to master both rural and urban moments in the picture.



Luka Vunduk is a passionate adventurous photographer who searches for unseen views of the landscape. Dedicated to nature and it’s untold stories, he pushes the boundaries of exploring for the best shot that could unravel the nature’s secret of eternity. His camera captures chapters of stories the average men don’t hear or see. With his eye for magnificent perspectives of landscape, he uses to capture the breathtaking moments in the field. His work continues at the studio where his talents for artistry become a medium for creating photos that are a monument to nature’s best stories and legends. 


Luka’s photos can be found in many public and private collections worldwide. His colorful images of panoramas or delicate nature’s details have been appraised as some of the best photo art in the world. His work has been credited by famous photographers.


Traveling and exploring the amazing sites worldwide made Luka realize that some of the best sceneries are right at home in the beautiful Slovenia. Wanting to share his passion with other photo enthusiasts he organizes photo tours in Slovenia and it’s surroundings where anyone can experience an unforgettable adventure.   


When he’s not behind the camera, Luka unleashes his creativity as an Art Director in his advertising agency, creating memorable advertising stories for his clients. He’s also a passionate Joga instructor.